Nutritious Snacks to Carry Around when Traveling


Eating right can be a big challenge when you travel a lot. Sometimes the lack of healthy options make you settle for anything that would stave off the hunger. But there are also instances when limited time prevents you from exploring health-friendly choices.

It is natural to feel hunger between regular mealtimes. But what you snack on can make or break your diet. When you travel, finding nutrient-rich snacks is not guaranteed. Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train, the best way to eat healthy is to bring your own healthy snacks. This ensures that you do not have to resort to high-calorie foods that lack the nutritional value you need.

Packing some healthy foods does not have to be cumbersome. You should be able to bring just enough to fit in your carry-on baggage. At the very least, you should be able to pack a sufficient amount of food for the commute, drive, or plane ride as well as a little extra for layovers. Here are some nutritious snacks that you can munch on while on the road.

• Apples 4403380469_ccaf2deb93_b
• Assorted nuts
• Baby carrots (in single serving packs)
• Bananas
• Crackers (plain or whole wheat)
• Dark chocolates
• Energy bars
• Low-fat cheese sticks
• Low-fat yogurt
• Multi-grain granola bars
• Trail mix
• Unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice
• Whole grain cereal cups

Healthy snacking does not mean you have to give up on cookies and other treats. You just have to pick the healthier options before you indulge. Instead of indulging in chocolate chip cookies, go for oatmeal or mixed-grain cookies. Whole wheat bagels, bread, or pasta are also more nutritious picks. Substitute sodas with unsweetened fresh fruit or vegetable juices. If you are a coffee drinker, choose the low-calorie versions. You can always make special requests to replace whole milk with skim, non-fat, or soya milk. Black coffee and Americano likewise have fewer calories than other coffee drinks.

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