10 of the Best Desserts in the World and Where to Find Them

Nothing completes a great meal like a delicious dessert. Some people may be happy with just about any sweet confection. But there are those who take their desserts seriously and look forward to the experience of saving the best-tasting ones they can find. If you see yourself as among the latter, here are some must-have desserts in the world that you may want to add to your list.

Where: Turkey
What is it: Baklava traces its roots to the Ottoman Empire. It is made with layers of phyllo dough with chopped or crushed nuts, almonds, and pistachios for fillings and drenched with honey or syrup.

Banoffee Pie
banoffee pie
Where: England
What is it: Banoffee pie is a dessert that consists of caramel or toffee, slices of banana, and whipped cream with a base made with crushed biscuits and butter.

Where: Egypt
What is it: A sweet cake made with ingredients that include semolina or farina, butter, and eggs. The mixture is baked and soaked with syrup once done. Coconut may also be added.

Belgian Waffles
belgian waffles
Where: Belgium
What is it: While waffles are widely available in many places around the world, Belgian waffles remain to be a must-try treat for many dessert lovers. What makes the Belgian waffles different is the lighter batter used to make them. They also differ in appearance with their characteristic larger squares.

Where: Brazil Recipe
What is it: Chocolate balls consisting of butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk shaped and served with a coating of chocolate sprinkles. It is a rich, chewy, and soft dessert that may seem similar with chocolate truffles.

Crème Brûlée
Crème brûlée
Where: France
What is it: Soft, rich, and creamy custard with a topping of caramel that has a crunchy texture

Where: Italy
What is it: Italy’s version of ice cream made from milk and a wide array of fresh ingredients.

Where: Japan
What is it: Mochi is a circular Japanese dessert made with mochigome which is glutinuous rice. It is widely available throughout the year, but is often seen during the Japanese New Year celebrations.

Where: Russia
What is it: A dessert made with ingredients that include egg whites and sugar. Its method of baking makes the outside crisp and crunchy while leaving the inside chewy and gooey. Pavlova is often served with toppings like fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Where: India
What is it: Indian cottage cheese drenched in thick milk and served with sprinkles of cardamom and saffron. This dessert may come with different toppings like dried fruits or nuts.