Good Eats Around The World

good eats

It’s no wonder people are travelling more each year!

You see, they won’t just see and experience amazing views and calm waters. They won’t just meet new faces and make new friends.

They will also savor good eats – from anywhere in the world.

Some good eats around the world include:


Also called kimbap, this Korean dish is an epitome of both traditional and modern cooking. It’s made with rice (cooked) and vegetables (steamed or raw), rolled into dried seaweed, and served in bite-sized goodness. It’s just like sushi or maki, but only sweeter and tastier. Even more so, it’s served alongside kimchi – another Korean dish that is made with fermented vegetables like cabbage and radish, along with other flavors like chili powder and salted anchovies.

You can find this good eat in Seoul, as well as other kimbap heaven all over the Southeast Asian nation.

Crema Catalana

Mostly found in 5-star restaurants all over the world, crema catalana is a sweeter take on France’s crème brulee. It’s a milky custard dish, burnt just enough for some tasty kick. It’s made with egg yolks, cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla. It’s also made with orange peel and cinnamon, making it even zestier and yummier than a normal crème brulee. You can best eat this in Catalonia, as well as other dessert shops in Spain.

Key Lime Pie

Whoever says they don’t like pie hasn’t encountered any kind of victory just yet, especially in the art of baking. The key lime pie is what you call “a tale as old as time” dessert, with roots tracing back into the 20th century. It’s made of egg yolks, condensed milk, and key lime extract. It’s then put onto a crust, topped with meringue from egg whites – even layered with different colors. You can best eat this in Florida, as well as other pie shops in Key West.